Celebrating Technician Involvement Month!

Technicians play a key role in the successful delivery of MTM services and can be a driving force behind MTM success. To celebrate technicians’ contributions to great patient care through MTM, we host our annual Technician Involvement Month! Throughout September, we recognized high performers and shared some of the many ways technicians can be involved in MTM.

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Thank you also to these superstar technicians!

2020 shout outs

Shout out to Joel Milby, a pharmacy technician at Walgreens Pharmacy in Stevensville, MD! Keep up the amazing work!
“This technician has spent countless hours at the Pharmacy and is the sole organizer of all of the pharmacy documents. He always makes sure that everything is done and completed in a timely manner without fail. He always comes in early and stays late, he is always available for shifts at our pharmacy and he is always willing to help any patient. If he sees any problems, he immediately checks with the pharmacist or contacts the prescribers for any verification that is needed. He will contact patients for their medication lists, including any OTCs they might be taking, for the pharmacist. This technician always has the patients’ well-being in mind. That is why I wanted to acknowledge this technician.”

Shout out to Caitlyn Lee, a technician at Nielsen’s Pharmacy in Bogalusa, LA! Keep up the amazing work!
“This Technician comes in every morning an hour before her shift to perform needed preparations to keep the pharmacist informed and organized to complete the MTMs. This technician consults with the pharmacist on every level. What I like about her is she performs in a positive way and always consults with a pharmacist if in doubt. She assists in daily tasks flawlessly.”

Shout out to Debbie Elliott, a technician at St. Elizabeth Physicians in Erlanger, KY! Keep up the amazing work!
“Debbie is the sole pharmacy technician supporting the provision of MTM services in a provider group setting. Debbie outreaches to patients eligible for CMRs and schedules them to meet in office or telephonically with a pharmacist. She bills almost all of the MTM claims for our clinics and has a capture rate of almost 60% with patients! She is able to quickly build rapport and educate patients on the benefits of pharmacist services without ever meeting her patients. Debbie is an asset to our team, our patients, and our organization!”

Shout out to Astrid Tirado, a technician at Walgreens in Orlando, FL. Keep up the amazing work!
“The majority of our patient population at our store are Spanish speaking and Astrid has been very helpful when assisting me with MTMs. When CMR opportunities rise, we flag the prescription leaflets. Astrid has proven to be a vital translator for me to get CMRs done. I will print out patient profiles for her and she will meticulously go through every single prescription with each patient and will never gloss over any details. She always takes the time to explain the purpose of the CMR to the patient and the benefits.”