Celebrating the 6th annual Technician Involvement Month!

We’re thrilled to spotlight the key role technicians can – and do! – play in the successful delivery of MTM services. Follow us throughout Technician Involvement Month for great examples of technicians who are a driving force behind MTM success for their MTM Center. Join us in celebrating technicians’ contributions to great patient care through MTM.  If you know an incredible technician who contributes to MTM at your organization, submit a shout out here.

See the impact technicians can have and get easy steps for technicians to get started with MTM on our Pharmacy Technicians and Students page.  Our 2021 technician competition is underway! Scroll down to view the 2020 Top Technicians.

2020 superstar technician shout outs 

Yaninis Malpica Ulloa, Tampa Family Health Centers in Tampa, FL
“My MTM/Outreach Lead tech takes care of the MTM workflow, addresses patient needs and lets me know things that I have to complete immediately. Yaninis is extraordinarily organized, and she takes care of the patient trying to solve all the problems in one call. As soon as she identifies a patient, she lets me know if the patient is willing to complete the interventions. She helps me to schedule appointments for the OutcomesMTM platform. She identifies the patients needing medical appointments, and she submits the completed cases through Outcomes as soon as I finished them.”

Wendy Martin, Walgreens in Hagerstown, MD
“Wendy has shown initiative in challenging herself to learn MTM for the benefit of our patients.  MTM is still a challenging area for most pharmacists and technicians. Through her initiative, her fellow technicians have begun to learn the many benefits to the patient as well as the pharmacy of performing MTMs. This definitely promotes the valued services of a pharmacy. ”

Debbie Elliott, St. Elizabeth Physicians in Erlanger, KY
“Debbie is the sole pharmacy technician supporting the provision of MTM services in a provider group setting. Debbie outreaches to patients eligible for CMRs and schedules them to meet in office or telephonically with a pharmacist. She bills almost all of the MTM claims for our clinics and has a capture rate of almost 60% with patients! She is able to quickly build rapport and educate patients on the benefits of pharmacist services without ever meeting her patients. Debbie is an asset to our team, our patients, and our organization!”

Samuel Fell, Marc’s Pharmacy in Canton, OH
“Samuel has embraced Outcomes from the start. He has become a MTM leader, making sure he checks the platform and makes it a part of his workflow every day. In a very short period of time, he has become a leader at Marc’s in OutcomesMTM performance. He helps the pharmacist with documentation and knows the importance of adherence to better help is patients achieve good outcomes.”

Brandy Joanna White, The Medicine Shoppe in Saraland, AL
“Brandy monitors Outcomes daily. She is able to identify and complete TIPs as they arrive in Outcomes. Shecontacts patients concerning their CMR and gets all necessary paperwork together prior to their review. Her commitment makes for a smooth interaction with patients.”

Astrid Tirado, Walgreens in Orlando, FL
“The majority of our patient population at our store are Spanish speaking and Astrid has been very helpful when assisting me with MTMs. When CMR opportunities rise, we flag the prescription leaflets. Astrid has proven to be a vital translator for me to get CMRs done. I will print out patient profiles for her and she will meticulously go through every single prescription with each patient and will never gloss over any details. She always takes the time to explain the purpose of the CMR to the patient and the benefits.”

Ashlee Palmer, Ingles Markets Pharmacy in Clemson, SC
“She has been instrumental in creating processes and procedures that help the Pharmacy Dept. and pharmacists quickly, systematically and successfully address CMRs and TIPs.”

Key ways that technicians can streamline comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs)

Technicians can champion MTM in their practice setting, serve as a patient liaison and manage the details of pre and post CMR tasks to help pharmacists maximize their time with the patient. Find more great ways for technicians to drive MTM success by logging into our platform and going to Resources! We recommend MTM Workflow and CMR Workflow guides as well as our webinar recordings.

Log into the Connect™ Platform to identify and alert the pharmacist to patients eligible for a CMR

Invite eligible patients to complete a CMR with the pharmacist by explain the service and highlighting key benefits.

Help prepare for the review by collecting a complete medication list from the patient and adding any new medications to the Med List tab within CMR documentation.

Based on the pharmacist’s notes, update documentation fields if needed.

Start claims for TIPs or pharmacist-identified interventions addressed during the CMR to indicate work in progress.

Generate and deliver the Patient Takeaway following a CMR.