National Network. Local Relationships.

At OutcomesMTM®, we leverage the expertise and personal relationships pharmacists have in their communities to help enrolled members achieve safe and effective results from their medications. Through our Connect™ Platform, we identify potential drug therapy problems and other MTM service opportunities, provide a centralized platform for documentation and report results back to healthcare payers. With our multi-channel network, deep expertise and collaborative approach, OutcomesMTM offers payers an unmatched ability to customize and scale their MTM programs to meet their goals.

Solutions for every plan

We’ll work closely with you to tailor our solutions to suit your needs and help you reach your goals.

Multi-Channel Delivery

Our multi-channel Personal Pharmacist™ Network meets members where they are – at local pharmacies, clinics or long term care facilities – and offers plans a way to connect with members not easily reached by other methods. We pair this with our telephonic Patient Engagement Team to reach more members and drive performance. Through our Insight™ Clinical Engine, participating pharmacists receive alerts and information concerning medication use patterns, as well as guidance on working with members and doctors to close key gaps in therapy. Results of these interventions are reported via our secure, online Connect™ Platform.

Personal Pharmacist™ Network

Consisting of more than 100,000 OutcomesMTM®-trained local pharmacists practicing at 60,000 contracted MTM Centers, the Personal Pharmacist Network includes MTM providers in all 50 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.

  • Local Pharmacies: Dispensing medications and interacting with patients more often than other healthcare professionals, pharmacists in this setting are well positioned to address adherence, provide CMRs and resolve drug therapy problems. By working closely with pharmacy chains, PSAOs and independent pharmacies, we offer health plans a way to scale while reaching members where they are.
  • Long Term Care:  In this developing channel, we work with pharmacists to reach members that pharmacists from other settings would otherwise not be able to reach. MTM services within the LTC setting ensure medication regimens are fine-tuned.
  • Physician Clinic/Health System: With an increasing number of pharmacists embedded in physician practices, this growing channel increases the number of members reached and leverages pharmacists with unique access to prescribers to resolve potential medication related problems.

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