How do we live the Face-to-Face Difference in MTM?

OutcomesMTM, a Cardinal Health company, connects your members with pharmacists in their communities at retail pharmacies, physician clinics or long term care facilities – leveraging local relationships to improve medication outcomes. To you, as our health plan partner, our Face-to-Face Difference® philosophy means close collaboration, open communication and flexibility in designing and running your MTM program.

Personal Pharmacist™ Finder

Our Solutions

OutcomesMTM® designs Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services to meet CMS requirements, address quality measures, reduce healthcare costs and improve the outcomes of members’ medication therapies.

Experience Matters

Founded in 1999, OutcomesMTM® was the first nationally recognized Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program administrator. In addition to working with dozens of Medicare Part D plan sponsors across the country, we have administered MTM programs for a number of other payers, including employer groups, commercial populations and Medicaid programs.