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Better outcomes for everyone.

Outcomes™ was formed to unify and build upon the proven, industry-leading programs and platforms of OutcomesMTM™, mscripts™ and TelePharm™. Over the past few weeks, we have transitioned our brand to Outcomes to integrate patient engagement solutions, tools to optimize pharmacy workflow and our clinical services offering into one ecosystem which is designed to empower connections across healthcare—all with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

We have created a new website that will house all of the latest information on Outcomes solutions, technology, capabilities, thought leadership, industry news and much more.

Eventually the login to our platform will transfer over to this new website as well, but for now you can continue to use this page to login while you and your organization work towards whitelisting the new website.

1. Get Contracted

To take advantage of the available MTM opportunities, pharmacies and other entities seeking to become authorized MTM Centers must first complete a network participation agreement.

Multi-location Pharmacy Organizations: Chain, PSAO or multi-location administrators can request a multi-location agreement.

Physician Clinics or Health Systems: Pharmacists embedded within a physician clinic or health system can provide MTM services through OutcomesMTM in an outpatient setting. Contact us for more information on how to get started.

2. Get Trained

Create your personal account and view our training. Each pharmacist, technician and/or pharmacy student should have his/her own login credentials. Our free, online training covers:

  • MTM services included in Outcomes programs
  • How to navigate our platform
  • MTM claim documentation
  • Quality assurance practices

After training, add your NCPDP or MTM Center ID to your account to view MTM opportunities at your location.

3. Get Paid

Log into the OutcomesOne™ Platform to view pending MTM opportunities for your patients. Then, document and bill for the MTM services you provide for eligible patients.