Getting Started

Get Contracted.

To take advantage of the available opportunities, pharmacies and other entities seeking to become authorized OutcomesMTM centers must first complete a network participation agreement. Prospective OutcomesMTM centers have the following contracting options:

  • Independent Pharmacy Agreement
  • Chain Pharmacy Agreement
    Chain pharmacies and other multiple location entities seeking to contract with OutcomesMTM as providers should contact us to request a contract.

Get Trained.

Required for all Personal PharmacistsTM, OutcomesMTM's free, informative training course covers the following:

  • Delivery of MTM
  • Service documentation
  • Billing
  • Administration

Once completed, pharmacists are equipped with the information they need to start providing MTM services.

Begin Registration & Training

Get Paid.

After completing contracting and training, use the ConnectTM Platform to link with pharmacies, access MTM opportunities and document and bill for services.