OutcomesMTM Advantages

Connect™ Platform

Linking Personal Pharmacists™ with clinical insight and decision support, the Connect Platform prompts pharmacists with intervention opportunities and guides them through the process of care.

Comprehensive Medication Reviews

OutcomesMTM provides guidance and resources to assist in the efficient and successful delivery of Comprehensive Medication Review (CMRs). Through the Connect Platform, pharmacists generate Personal Medication Lists and Medication Action Plans to reinforce patient understanding and ensure coordination of care.

Targeted Intervention Program (TIP®)

Identified through retrospective analysis, TIPs focus pharmacist activity on medication issues such as gaps in care, non-adherence, high risk medications and cost-saving opportunities. TIPs simplify the MTM process, getting local pharmacists involved in making a face-to-face difference for their patients in the most efficient way possible.

Provider Resources

Provider Resources is available Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM Central Time, to help participating pharmacists with everything from getting started in the program to tracking OutcomesMTM claims through the quality assurance process.

You can reach Provider Resources by contacting us.