OutcomesMTM® Adds New Integration Partner - 03.29.2016

Providing MTM services is now easier for pharmacies using the eNGAGE patient management service by FDS Healthcare Solutions. eNGAGE users will be able to directly access the OutcomesMTM Connectâ„¢ Platform through single sign-on, allowing users to seamlessly access and complete MTM opportunities through their dispensing software. This new process reduces pharmacist barriers to the provision of MTM services by helping pharmacists integrate the Connect Platform into their workflow.

"Integrating the two platforms better enables pharmacies to make MTM part of their daily workflow-a critical element for building a scalable MTM program within a pharmacy," said Cynthia Kesteloot, Vice President of Operations, OutcomesMTM. "Additionally, this displays MTM opportunities designed to improve patient care when the pharmacist is face-to-face with the patient."

With a single click in the eNGAGE system, users enter the Connect Platform directly into that patient's profile. There, the pharmacist can view alerts to potential drug therapy problems, document MTM services and view MTM claims history.

"We are excited to work with the team at OutcomesMTM to integrate their valuable services into our eNGAGE platform. OutcomesMTM and FDS are working together to help community pharmacies efficiently provide MTM services to improve patient health," said Rich Bukovinsky, EVP Business Development for FDS, Inc.

Single sign-on with OutcomesMTM includes three basic steps:

  1. Partner receives secure MTM Opportunity data feed.
  2. Partner places MTM Opportunity indicators into its dispensing application.
  3. Pharmacy user selects MTM Opportunity indicator for an eligible patient, passes verification for security and enters the OutcomesMTM Connect Platform directly into the patient's profile.

Are you a pharmacist interested in participating with OutcomesMTM?
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Are you a pharmacy organization interested in integration with OutcomesMTM?
Contact info@outcomesmtm.com.

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