OutcomesMTM Advantages

Personal Pharmacist™ Network

The nation's largest face-to-face MTM network, the Personal Pharmacist Network, consists of local OutcomesMTM centers that have done both of the following:

  1. Executed an MTM network participation agreement
  2. Had at least one pharmacist complete the required training program

The network consists of more than 100,000 specially trained pharmacists, practicing in local chain, independent and health-system settings and prepared to deliver high impact services today.

Connect™ Platform

Coordination of care has become increasingly critical to the health and well-being of members. The Connect Platform links participating local pharmacists with health plans, prescribers, data and information designed to guide the process of care and make local pharmacists active members of the healthcare team. OutcomesMTM clients receive access to the platform to track program performance in real-time.

Insight™ Clinical Engine

OutcomesMTM's proprietary Insight Clinical Engine is configured to accept health plan-provided data (including prescription data, medical claims and labs), securely process it and deliver actionable clinical information to Personal Pharmacists. TIPs® generated through the company's Targeted Intervention Program are an example of the clinical engine's power to support patient care and drive quality. TIPs focus pharmacist activity on medication issues such as gaps in care, non-adherence, high risk medications and cost-saving opportunities.

Actuarial Investment Model (AIM®)

The externally validated Actuarial Investment Model (AIM) assists health plans with quantifying the value of their investment in face-to-face MTM services.

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