Making a Difference

Recognizing Non-Verbal Cues

OutcomesMTM Personal Pharmacist Kari Cantrell, Raley's Pharmacy #115, Reno, NV

Kari noticed her patient was walking with an unstable gait as he approached the consultation room for a scheduled CMR. As they began reviewing medications, she also noticed the patient was extremely dizzy and drowsy. The patient told Kari that the effects had been occurring since he initiated a new anticonvulsant therapy. Due to the patient's age and adverse effects from the medication, Kari contacted the prescriber, who agreed with her recommendation to discontinue this therapy. Thanks to her intervention, Kari helped her patient avoid a potential emergency room visit from a fall.

The Personal Value of MTM

OutcomesMTM Personal Pharmacist Randall Dawes, Valucare Pharmacy, Waukesha, WI

During a CMR, Randall's patient confided that she was struggling with compulsions. Uncontrollable urges to shop and spend money had put her into so much debt that she sought private loans to hide the problem. The patient had already consulted with her primary doctor, a psychiatrist and a therapist with no positive results. During her consultation, Randall reviewed his patient's current medications. He noticed that she was taking a medication for restless leg syndrome that can cause a side effect of compulsive behavior in rare cases. When Randall told the patient that a medication may be causing these compulsions, she burst into tears. She said that she finally had hope that her problem could be fixed. Randall contacted the patient's doctor to recommend stopping the medication, and the doctor agreed. Since discontinuing the medication, the patient is no longer experiencing uncontrollable urges, and her quality of life has greatly improved.

Managing Blood Sugar

OutcomesMTM Personal Pharmacist Kevin Smith, MACS Medicine Mart, Inc., Kingsport, TN

Kevin noticed his patient had an out-of-range lab value that indicated chronic high blood sugar. Although taking short-acting insulin, the patient's blood sugar was not sufficiently controlled. The patient was also experiencing side effects associated with high blood sugar, such as a slow-healing foot wound and dizziness. Kevin contacted the prescriber, who agreed to add long-acting insulin to the patient's regimen. The patient started the new therapy to help bring his blood sugar back to goal. Kevin's proactive approach helped the patient avoid unnecessary healthcare costs and better manage his diabetes.

Reconciling Medications Post Discharge

OutcomesMTM Personal Pharmacist Mary Au, Walgreens #10846, Houston, TX

A patient came in to request refills on all the medications he received upon discharge from a recent hospital stay. Mary faxed the prescriber to obtain additional refills on the requested prescriptions. While reviewing the orders, she noticed a high-dose, injectable blood thinner was included. Knowing the prescribed dose was not appropriate for long-term therapy, Mary contacted the nurse, who verified the medication should have been discontinued. The patient expressed gratitude that Mary caught this potentially life-threatening and expensive mistake. Thanks to Mary, the patient avoided a visit to the emergency room from excessive bleeding.