Dani Markus

Vice President, Quality

Dr. Markus focuses on quality and innovation for OutcomesMTM’s clinical programs. She oversees continued development of clinical initiatives to optimize medication use, including the Targeted Intervention Program (TIP®) and new MTM services. In addition, Dr. Markus leads continuous quality improvement, a framework to drive MTM innovation, advance program efficiency and enhance the Connect™ Platform. To contribute to advancement of MTM and quality ratings, she facilitates the National MTM Advisory Board and serves on industry workgroups, such as the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) Measure Development Team, PQA Stakeholder Advisory Panel and the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy MTM Advisory Group.

In her tenure at OutcomesMTM, Dr. Markus has guided updates to protocols for the Insight™ Clinical Engine, served as a clinical advisor to OutcomesMTM clients and contributed to workgroups to develop new MTM services and drive performance within the company’s Personal Pharmacist™ Network. Dani earned her PharmD and MBA from Drake University and completed a residency with OutcomesMTM Clinical Services.