About Us

Our Focus: Your Outcomes

OutcomesMTM®, a Cardinal Health company, is the national leader in the design, delivery and administration of Medication Therapy Management programs. The company's service line benefits healthcare purchasers by delivering a cost-effective approach to advancing patient care and controlling utilization through the provision of patient-friendly, face-to-face Personal Pharmacistâ„¢ services.

For Pharmacists

If you are a pharmacist, OutcomesMTM impacts your business, your patient relationships and your career. The knowledge and skills possessed by local pharmacists make a vital difference in the lives of those who need more individualized attention to their medication therapy regimens. OutcomesMTM enables you to tap into your professional potential and provides payment for "what you do with your head and not with your hands."

For Health Plans

If you are a health plan representative, OutcomesMTM impacts the quality of healthcare your members receive, member satisfaction and financial results. We collaborate with you to link your members with specially trained local pharmacists to improve care while saving unnecessary costs and, in some cases, lives. 

For Patients

If you are eligible for Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services through your health plan, your local pharmacist may talk with you about how to get the best results from your medications. You may also receive a phone call from one of our MTM pharmacists inviting you to review one or more of your medications. In most cases, our MTM pharmacists call from (515) 207-9664, but, for some health plans, they may call from a local number. If you need to call our MTM pharmacist back, you can reach them on our toll-free line, (855) 795-6337. You may also contact your health plan about the MTM program.

We do all we can at OutcomesMTM to think green and consider environmentalWe do all we can at OutcomesMTM to think green and consider environmental
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